April 09, 2015

Exoteric Exercises

Have three new pieces up over at Thought Catalog, and have been slacking on updating about them over here.

An exploration of the history that our current debate about Multiculturalism and diversity was cultivated in—which, of course, no one knows anymore. It seems we believe today that the only way to create peace and unity is through Nihilism, through destroying the past and starting over at year zero—we saw how well that worked out during the French Revolution (or for the Khmer Rouge).
After my other piece a few weeks ago, "Conservatives" Are the True Multiculturalists, "Senior Writer & Cultural Advocate at Thought Catalog. Culture and communications scholar." Kovie Biakolo invited me to have a dialogue with her about our differing perspectives on the purpose and procedures of Multiculturalism today. While I am not against Multiculturalism, as such, I believe that the way we currently implement it is completely antithetical to the goals of a free and successful society—and is really nothing more than institutionalized Nihilism.

Despite some severe reservations about Capitalism, I do believe it is the only system under which we can be "free"—at least if you define freedom as merely being able to do whatever you think is right for you; or not being constrained by the dead weight of institutions of the past. I believe we completely under-estimate how truly novel and liberating Capitalism is when we compare our society to other more traditional ones from either the past or present, or if we compare it to the alternative: an entirely state controlled and run economy/system. While I do believe Capitalism/Communism is a false dichotomy, the extremity of the positions is at least useful for clarifying our options and the nature of "systems."

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